How does Hometown Membership work?

Every Hometown Plan includes every title on the platform. The cost of each plan is the identical, the only difference is for us to know who to pay :).

Members sign-up at the introductory price (currently at $9.99 a month) and after 1 year of being a loyal Member, we reward you by lowering your cost by $1 every month.  After 2 years of being a loyal Member, we reward you again by lowering your cost with another $1 off every month!  All Hometown Membership plans NEVER go up as long as you keep your Membership!

How often is content added?

Content is being added every single month! If you know someone that creates our type of content, send them our way!

Can my children watch Hometown Stream?

Yes, although there are some shows that may require parental guidance.

Can I cancel my Membership at anytime?

Yes. However, when you come back, you will start over at the current introductory rate, which could be much higher than it is currently.

If your introductory price increases, do current Members see an increase?

No. The introductory price is only for new Members, we value your loyalty!

How many devices can I simultaneously watch content on?

3 devices, but sign into as many as you want.

Where can I watch Hometown Stream?

You can watch Hometown Stream anywhere, anytime and on nearly any device!

Are there any available apps?

Yes, we are on Roku and Hometown Stream can be accessed with any universal web browser and then be cast to a TV with Chromecast or Apple TV.

Am I required to have access to the internet to stream?

Yes, and be sure to check your connection speed to achieve the best performance as varying speeds can reduce streaming quality.