On this page we will cover the process of getting distribution on Hometown Stream

Explainer Video

This explainer video shares how Hometown Stream works. It's not like any other streaming service. Contributors get paid by subscribers--not views or ads.

Does your Content Qualify?

This is the biggest deciding factor as we are looking for very wide variety of types of content, but within a style that "can" be viewed by all ages.

1) Content Rights

The contributor must own the rights to the content.

2) Content Rating

Content must be rated no more than PG-13 or TV-14 to be considered. (No politically driven, activism or divisive content)

3) Content Length

Content must be consistent in length (if series) 20 minutes minimum *unless kids show

4) Marketable Content

Having a current following is important, but not necessary, however, there must be a market for your content that contributor understands.

Qualified Content Next Steps

1) Contact us by Email

  • email:

  • Subject: Hometown Contributor Submission

  • Body: The Title, Category and a brief synopsis of your video.

2) Your Submission is Under Review

During this time, our team will review your submission, if accepted you should hear back from us within 2 - 4 weeks.

3) Next Steps if Accepted

  1. Setup a Phone Call to Discuss

  2. Sign "Terms of Distribution & Monetization Agreement" of Content

  3. Contributor Agrees to Promote/Market their Content on Hometown Stream

  4. Tax ID Number

4) Submit Content Details

  1. Full Quality Final Video (1080p, *.mpg, *.mp4)

  2. Show Title

  3. Long Description (Director, Writer, Stars, Story)

  4. Short Description

  5. Media Kit, Trailer Video, including full resolution title graphics, talent head shot(s)

5) What You Get

  1. Landing Page

  2. Your Own Subscription Plan

  3. Monthly Subscription Report

  4. $6.00 per subscriber per month and $3.00 per rental (payout at $200)


Hometown Stream is a platform built specifically for independent producers, a network that brings great content together that can be directly shared with their audience while making money doing it.

Join the Movement

Please include with your submission a text document with your name, submission title and contact information.

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