What is Hometown?

Hometown Streaming

Hometown is a streaming service that allows our members to watch good hometown TV shows and movies using their personal devices on the internet. Hometown subscribers can enjoy unlimited ad-free content. Shows that entertain, inspire and unite, content we can learn and grow from. New content is being added every single month!

Hometown is designed to bring people together like hometowns across the nation do, under one nation-wide streaming service.  A community where we can unite by focusing on our American foundation and celebrate our diversity.


Hometown is built on loyalty. From contributors to our subscribers--it's all about loyalty. You can sign up with Hometown for only $9.99 and after 1 year of being a loyal subscriber, we'll reward you by lowering your subscription to $8.99. Then after 2 years of being a loyal subscriber, we'll reward you again by lowering your subscription to $7.99, and after 3 years of your loyalty, you become a premier member and pay ONLY $6.99 for as long as you keep your subscription.

Hometown is a month-to-month subscription that begins on the date you sign up, there are no contracts, no fees for canceling and no commitment. You can cancel anytime, but if you do cancel you will be forfeiting the price you are paying, and if you decide to sign up again, you will do so at the current starting subscription fee.

You can watch Hometown on 3 devices at the same time, but sign into as many as you want.


Hometown is a service for contributors just as much as it is for subscribers, all content on Hometown is owned by contributors, all contributors receive a monthly payment per subscriber of their content.  By subscribing to Hometown you directly fund future programming for the contributor you choose. Contributors are not rewarded by views, rather rewarded by their loyal following. You can sign-up by entering a contributor code or not.  However, by entering a contributor code you immediately receive $1 off each month (your account is viewed as a 1st year loyal subscriber).

Streaming Devices

Watch anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device.  Hometown TV allows you to instantly watch Hometown content through any internet-connected device.  Hometown TV apps are currently in the development process, but the service can still be used with any universal web browser.  Be sure to check your connection speed to achieve the best performance as varying speeds can reduce streaming quality.