This is a story of a father and his two sons and the choices they make. Brad the oldest is the devoted and loyal son always doing what he feels his father wants. Johnny the youngest is passionate and impulsive, looking to experience life to the fullest. The story begins in a small town not so far from you at a company called Manna and Sons home of the well-known Wafer King snack food brand. People from across the globe enjoy their chips, cookies, crisps and yes even wafers.

With his fortune, Johnny journeys out into the world to live his life with no limits. Immediately he finds himself surrounded by so called friends who in time lead him to an impossible situation where he finds himself broke and alone.

The contrast between the brothers builds as Johnny squanders his wealth on parties and prostitutes, while Brad works long hours, doing multiple jobs for the company.

Season 1

The Wafer King

Chapter 1: Wide Open Road (pilot)

Chapter 2: Brothers

Chapter 3: Can and Cannot

Chapter 4: Cheers!

Chapter 5: Paul Broker

Chapter 6: The Wafer King

The Wafer King Cast

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Johnny, the younger brother who wants his inheritance and see the world.

Grace Field

Debby, the leader of a high-end escort service.

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Brad, the older brother is a company man and does everything The Wafer King asks.

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The Wafer King, the founder of "Manna & Sons" Inc.

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Mr. S., the leader of a massive financial hacking organization

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Paul Broker, The pawn shop owner that works with Mr. S.

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Katie, the delivery girl that finds a surprising connection with Brad

About our Inspiration

Isaac Air Freight

ISAAC AIR FREIGHT’s unique style of satirical sketch comedy, laced with witty dialog and colorful characters, humorously communicated piercing truths about the human condition and conveyed deep spiritual truths.

From 1977 to 1992, through 15 years of concert tours, 8 best selling comedy albums, numerous radio and television appearances, ISAAC AIR FREIGHT pioneered a fresh approach to comedy from a Christian perspective.


Our core team is comprised of men and women with a desire to tell Biblical stories inspired by the unique style of the original Isaac Air Freight.

Gerald Fushianes

Project Manager

Peter Malinger

Executive Producer/Director

Tim Malinger

Head of Story

Mary Lane-Peot

Story Development

Jason Schmock


Joe Bauernhuber

Conceptual Artist

Estina Hanes

Makeup Department


Who is The Wafer King?

The Wafer King represents God the Father and is the CEO of Manna & Sons.

When will The Wafer King come out?

The pilot episode of "The Wafer King" is streaming 2-3-2023. The entire season is expected to be released in the fall/winter of 2024.

Where will The Wafer King be available?

It will be available right here on Hometown Stream, all you need is any Hometown Membership to view it.

What is Hometown Stream?

Hometown Stream is a platform specifically designed to give distribution to independent producers and to raise capital for their upcoming productions, while continue paying them for past productions.

Why Hometown Stream?

Hometown Stream is specifically designed for the independent producers of content. All memberships directly fund past, present and future productions. The more members a creator has, the more resources are available for them to create more content.


"The Wafer King" is currently in the post-production stages of the pilot chapter. The pilot will be submitted to Angel Funding to get full funding and finish this incredible story.

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Within a couple writers meetings, we knew we were onto something much bigger than we could imagine!"

<div class="editor-content"><p>Gerald Fushianes</p></div>,

Gerald Fushianes

Project Manager